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How can I reserve a SUV?

Choosing A 1 Luxury Limousine as your SUV transportation provider gives you the ability to reserve your SUV fast and simple. It will only take you a few minutes and you can book your vehicle online of by calling our office. Because we value your time and we know that most of the times reservations are last minute, we don’t want you to spend more time than necessary with booking your vehicle. Just let us now what time we need to pick you up and where you are going and we will take care of the rest in the shortest amount of time possible.

What SUVs do you have in your fleet?

We take pride in the wide range of SUVs we have available in our fleet. You can choose between short and long versions, luxury or regular SUVs. Regardless of what type you end up choosing, all our SUVs are highly maintained and cared for. We update our fleet every year to make sure we fit the needs of all our clients, especially the most demanding ones. You can choose from GMC Youkon, and Chevy Tahoe to the luxurious Cadillac Escalade, the short version or the XXL one. Depending on the number of people in your party, and the amount of luggage you have, you can opt for captain seats or a bench in the back.

Which is the most popular SUV in your fleet?

For the luxury line, the most popular SUV in our fleet is definitely the Caddilac Escalade. But with the regular SUVs, the story is a little different. Some say it is the Chevy Tahoe, some point out the GMC Youkon and others say that both of them are almost identical. There are only a few small differences between these two vehicles so anyone can be right when it comes to the popularity of these SUVs. You can choose any of the SUVs in our fleet and you won’t go wrong. They all have plenty of leg room, are specious and can fit a lot of luggage and are perfect for any type of runs, from short point-to-point to long distance and red carpet events.

What information you need for a SUV booking?

Booking aa SUV with A 1 Luxury Limousine will definitely be a pleasant experience. It is a simple and fast procedure and it takes you only a few minutes to have a confirmation of your vehicle. You can either access our reservations tab or call our office. Regardless on how you decide to book, you can rest assured your chauffeur will pick you up on time. With us you will travel in style, comfort and above all, safe.

What types of rides a SUV can cover?

Any SUV is fit for any type of runs. You can book your airport departure and arrival, a point to point or long distance. SUVs are perfect for medium sized groups, for red carpet events, as directed runs or conventions. The best part of choosing an SUV is that it comes with plenty of luggage space. So you don’t have to worry about the extra luggage you have. The SUV is one of the most versatile car, therefor it is also one of the most request vehicle. If you are not sure what type of SUV to choose, just call our office. Our agents will guide you and give you the best option that fits all your needs. Wait no longer and book your next SUV ride with us. Your ultimate transportation experience is a click or a phone call away!

How do I pay for a SUV reservation?

Our billing and paying procedures are as easy as the booking is. Therefore you won’t waste your time. You have several payment options available and you can choose any. First of all, you can give us a credit card on file and our office staff will charge it and send you the receipt. Furthermore, when you choose this method of payment you don’t have to worry about anything at the end of the ride. You can also choose to pay your chauffeur directly. All our chauffeurs have payment devices and can charge credit cards. Or you can pay cash directly to your chauffeur. Regardless of the payment method, we apply no hidden fees and charges. Your chauffeur will know exactly how much to charge. Therefore, with us everything is simple, accurate and transparent.

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